He definitely says all the right things. Will take some time to adjust to the speed of the game and to the QB’s always being the best of the best. If he’s starting on opening day I will be shocked.



The pass on Shariff Floyd is going to be talked about for a long time. And he’s going to be facing Frederick and the Cowboys when the Vikings play them this season.

And yet again the Cowboys look for Defensive Backs at the smaller schools. It has been a disaster for them over the last ten years yet they keep trying to find a diamond surrounded by garbage. SMH.


Going live at 6:00pm Eastern to talk about the draft. Will be dissecting the draft all week. Today we begin with the trade…

DCFanatic Radio – April 29, 2013

Could the Cowboys have taken WR Cordarelle Patterson instead of Travis Frederick if the Vikings had not traded back into the first round?

Did the Cowboys initiate the trade with the 49ers by calling them?

Is Freddy playing Guard or Center?


The Cowboys were very interested in Jakar Hamilton all during the draft process and had him in for a predraft visit. Very interesting background and has a ton of upside here with all the questions right now at the Safety position.

And he has some Kick off return skills as well…

Go here, here and here for even more info on Jakar,

He’s also #10 in these high school highlights…