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This first round trade the Cowboys made last Thursday still has legs, read here.

It still is a sore subject among scouts, according to a source.

Call them mess ups 1 and 1A.

The decision to bypass Florida defensive tackle Shariff Floyd, who was ranked as a top-10 pick on the Cowboys draft board was first.

“We are not disappointed in what we drafted at 31, more disappointed in who we passed up at 18,” the source said.

The Scouts and Garrett wanted to stick to the board which had Shariff Floyd in their top ten.

They didn’t expect Floyd to be there, so there was a long discussion on Floyd. Jones sided with the coaches.

“Jerry wanted to address the offensive line or safety in the first round; no other options were viable,” the source said. “When it was said that [Floyd] was not a fit, that’s all he needed to hear.”

Monte Kiffin said today on The Fan he was in agreement with not taking Floyd. But we know Jason Garrett is a fan of believing in the scouts and the work they do. His father was a long time scout for the Cowboys.

Now get ready for the part where the source pretty much embarrasses the owner and his son…

Again, it’s not the pick that has everyone puzzled; it was the process.

The same goes with the trade with the 49ers. No matter how much owner Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones say they got good value, everyone knows they got snookered — even those in the organization.

The Cowboys traded the 18th pick for the 31st pick and a third-round pick, 74th overall. Most trade charts indicated the Cowboys should have received a second- and third-round pick from the 49ers in the swap of first rounders — based on value and how many picks the loaded 49ers had to deal.

Making matters worse is the Cowboys had gone over all scenarios before the draft, including a trade back with the 49ers for the 31st pick. The in-house mock trade had them picking up a second- and a third-round pick in addition to swapping first round picks. Neither Jones nor executive vice president of player personnel Stephen Jones was in the room during the pre-draft scenario.

“You’ve got to get more than that third-round pick,” the source said. “It makes no sense. It is still a sore subject. The scenario had been talked about. A second and third had been talked about. When we did it, Stephen and Jerry weren’t in there. It’s a learning experience. The decision-makers make the decisions, and we live with it.”

Jerry Jones. Even the people in your building cashing your checks know are an inadequate GM. Not good.


How is it that we keep getting trapped in this vortex and thinking that this team can win anything with this mumbling bumbling idiot steering the ship. And stop flirting with a woman who is 40 years younger than you ya creepy old bastard!

You can criticize Jerry Jones and family for the way they run the Cowboys, but you cannot say one word about how they make sure to help out the people of Texas when they are in need, read here.

The Jones family is donating $100,000 to assist the disaster relief efforts in West, Texas, The Gene and Jerry Jones Family Charities announced Thursday.

West was devastated by a fertilizer plant explosion last week which killed 15 citizens, including 10 first responders, and injured more than 160.

“The community of West, Texas, has suffered a tremendous loss through this tragedy,” said Charlotte Anderson, President of Charities for the Dallas Cowboys. “But they have also shown their strength and resilience in beginning the healing process as well. We hope that others will join us in supporting the efforts of The Salvation Army as the focus turns to providing the resources necessary to help the great people of West rebuild.”

Great job Jerry! And God bless the families of West.


After you listen to this I want you to tell me Jerry Jones is a good GM.


Still not sure why Jerry Jones can’t learn from past mistakes. He just won’t see this team for what it is and that is a mediocre crop of talent who are not close to any championships. Maybe they will find some luck in the draft.


Jerry Jones is an egomaniac. This we all agree on. He will get plenty of credit if he could make some moves that don’t come across as him trying to prove everyone else wrong. Roy Williams trade. No one else in the NFL was going to offer the Lions what they received in that trade. The man drafted Quincy Carter three rounds before anyone else would have drafted him.

Miles is staying. Ratliff is staying. I think Free is gone. And that means the Cowboys will be in the market for a Right Tackle in the first round at #18.

I have no problem with letting Gerald Sensabaugh go because he is never consistent. He doesn’t make any big plays and he should never have been given an extension. In the dictionary under ‘Just a guy’ you will see a pic of Sensabaugh.

Romo will get a deal done. And he will break out hearts again this season. That’s who he is and what he does.