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Sometimes it’s hard to give up some aspect of your job, read here.

Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett met with reporters for nearly an hour Wednesday morning and said no decision has been made regarding who will be calling plays on offense.

Garrett has called the plays since he arrived in 2007, but there is speculation that offensive line coach/offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will take over in 2013.

Team owner/general manager Jerry Jones said it’s Garrett’s decision to make.

“Nothing really new on that from where we talked last time,” Garrett said. “We are still going through the process of what we did last year. That is an ongoing process for us. It’s always been a collective process of how we call plays in terms of our staff being together — our game planning, our communication during the game — so that won’t change. Some of the mechanics we still have to work out as we go forward. But nothing has changed from the last time we talked.”

Jason Garrett has a new word everyone. All throughout the 2013 season he will be using the word ‘Mechanics’ to describe the Cowboys offense. Cool.


Wade Phillips was just a guy happy to be back in Texas and happy to be mentioned in the same sentences with Jerry Jones. Jason Garrett has had some success with the last three drafts with Smith, Murray, Dez, Lee, Mo and Carter. The injuries are the problem with the young guys.

Right now I would take the best available DT at #18 over the best available RT.

So Jerry, does this mean that now Jason Garrett will not have the respect of his players if he is not calling the plays in 2013?



Enjoy the thoughts on Jerry Jones and his insistence in trying to trick all the fans into thinking that this man has not neutered his head coach in the last month. Why he didn’t just fire Jason Garrett I don’t know.

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Ruthless. But TMac gives you the history of John Garrett as a coach and you wonder how he even got the job? Bill Callahan will be calling plays in 2013.