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The Cowboys are not moving Free to Guard. If he’s on the team he’s the starting Right Tackle.


Doug Free to Guard? Is he better than Livings or Bernadeau or a rookie at 18? Hmmm. Who plays RT? Why create two problems to fix one?

I think trying to move him just opens up a problem at RT. Is he restructuring his money? If not then just cut him. But if he’s taking less money then keep him at RT.

This offensive line is a mess. Everyone wants to replace the four guys other than Tyron Smith. This isn’t something that a team can do in one season.


Last night wasn’t a great night for the Cowboy first team offense and Doug Free was a big reason the unit looked bad.

Doesn’t just always seem like anyone not named Romo, Ware and Witten will start to decline as soon as the Cowboys throw them some money. And we wonder why the team can’t get out of the mediocrity lane these days.