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The Cowboys will get some cap room if they can sign Anthony Spencer to a long term deal, read here.

The Cowboys will have talks this week regarding a long-term deal for Anthony Spencer, according to the player’s agent, Jordan Woy.

Spencer signed his one-year franchise tag tender last week, guaranteeing him at least $10.6 million in 2013. With a long-term deal, the Cowboys would be able to reduce that salary-cap figure and have the ability to sign players in free agency.

The Cowboys are only $177,005 under the salary cap and have had conversations with second-tier free agents such as linebacker Chase Blackburn, guard Matt Slauson and defensive end Amobi Okoye so far.

I wonder if giving him a long term deal is the right move? I was not even on board with giving him the franchise tag because we don’t know how effective he’s going to be playing a 43 defense.

I remember when Okoye was a big name in the draft a few seasons ago. He was just in Chicago last year with Marinelli which is why he’s getting some phone calls. He’s not going to fight for a starting job any time soon.

The Dallas Cowboys are going to be paying Anthony Spencer some big money again…

They had better find some kind of long term deal done so he isn’t eating up over $10 mil of cap space this season.

And the argument will now be made that he should be franchised as a DE not an OLB because that is the position he will be playing in 2013.

Seems to me like the Cowboys are in the mindset that this core group will get one more year.


The Cowboys and Jordan Woy have been able to hammer out a long term deal since the season ended, but it seems like the Cowboys are not throwing out any big money deals his way. Also interesting that Woy mentioned the Patriots in this interview. I could see Spencer going to play for the Pats. I don’t see the Cowboys making Spencer the #1 priority in revamping this new defense. They need a pass rushing DE across from Ware and Spencer was never a big time pass rusher.


When Anthony Spencer can come up with some sacks I will agree he’s worth the franchise tag money he’s making.


Just got a chance to jump on Sirius NFL Radio while Giants Right Tackle, and former Left Tackle, was co-hosting with Jim Miller.

Shook. “Oh, I meant no disrespect to Anthony Spencer..” That was pretty soft. Must have been all those years of DeMarcus Ware tearing him up!

I don’t think he got my diss on him about moving away from DeMarcus Ware. lol.


Let’s go Cowboys!

Just read something very interesting. Last season people told me how Anthony Spencer had one of the biggest plays of the season when he sacked Rex Grossman to end the Monday Night game against the Redskins.

Go thru the link and read the entire interview because its pretty good.

It seems DeMarcus Ware was responsible for that sack as well, read here.

GQ: It’s such a chess game, because they’re spending their whole week studying your tape.
DeMarcus Ware: It is a chess match, and you know what? I love to play it. I like to know whatever those guys are doing. When people ask me, “How many moves do you have?” I tell them, “Unlimited.” Because every day, it changes. Usually pass rushers are like, “Here’s what I’m going to do and you’ll have to stop me.” But I’m like, “You know what? I don’t know what I’m going to do.” That way, they don’t know how to stop me.

GQ: Tell me about a particular play from last season that you’d use as an example of this chess game.
DeMarcus Ware: Week 3 versus the Redskins. Monday Night Football. It was a play with me and [fellow Cowboys outside linebacker] Anthony Spencer in the fourth quarter. All game, I kept going inside, going inside, going inside. Every time I’d come inside, the quarterback, Rex Grossman, would boot outside of me and the tackle and just flip it over to his running back in the flat. So, it’s the last play of the game. I said, “Spencer, he’s going to run out of the pocket outside of me. All I want you to do is run outside from your side and keep chasing him. Just run the loop. Run around your tackle and run really wide and keep chasing him.” I saw it. I knew what would happen. I’d come inside and Grossman would go outside of me, looking to scramble and he’d flip the ball off to his back like he’d done the whole entire game. This time, though, Spencer would chase him down from behind.

GQ: And?
DeMarcus Ware: I come inside and Grossman rolls outside thinking, “Well, I have a lot of time now. It’s the last play of the game. I’ve got a lot of time and I’m going to make a play.” But on the other side of the field, Spencer’s going all the way around his man. Grossman’s running from me, but he doesn’t see Spencer coming. Boom—blindside. Spencer makes the play. Strips him. We recover the fumble. Game over.

GQ: Is that even more rewarding than being the guy who makes the hit?
DeMarcus Ware: Oh, absolutely. I saw it! Just being on the same page, I told him what was going to happen and Spencer actually said, “I’m going to force the ball out. I’m going to make him fumble.” He said that. Before the play. And it happened. We’re like, “Man, it worked!” And the key there was the mental, not the physical. We had to think. We had to see it. Chess game.

Here is the play referred to in the interview…

It’s time for Anthony Spencer to start making those plays on his own. Victor Butler has shown the ability to go get the QB and if need be he has to start taking some plays away from Spencer.

Will be going live at 2:05 pm CST to discuss the Cowboys comings and goings. You can listen in at the link below…

Live Feed – 99.3 FM Talk

Lots of stuff to talk about and the Cowboys are currently practicing with the Chargers.

Do not want to continue with the Dez news because no news is always good with me on him, but he’s in the training room right now with the Cowboys staff and they are looking at his knee after he limped off the field. Oh brother!

On some good news. Nate Livings, Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer are back on the field.


The injuries just keep coming, but we should be thankful none are long term situations, read here.

 Cowboys defensive end Jason Hatcher injured his hamstring on Friday and head coach Jason Garrett said the injury is a “day-to-day thing.”

Meanwhile, outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, who missed Friday’s practice after hurting his hamstring, is expected to miss the team’s Blue-White scrimmage on Sunday.

The big player missing from the scrimmage will be Mo Claiborne. We want to see him improve from the rough start to camp.







Spencer tweaks hamstring, not practicing today


Update: This is now the full interview from BaD Radio.

Anthony needs to work on his ability to rush the passer. Just find me 10 sacks in 2012 Spencer.