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The Cowboys are now ready for the Giants. I know there are some tough calls that were made and some players lost who we still want on the team.

But it’s time to move on. Giants are coming up on Wednesday. Let’s go!

All that going back and forth for Stephen McGee and he gets cut for a 4th string TE, read here.

The Dallas Cowboys released No. 3 quarterback Stephen McGee on Saturday, one day after keeping him on the 53-man roster, according to a source.

The move was made so the team could sign tight end Colin Cochart.

And they did get QB Rudy Carpenter for their Practice Squad. Not sure if he signed with another team or they did not claim him.

Adrian Hamilton. His days as a Dallas Cowboy are over as he is not on the practice squad either. Why would he come back here. The Special Teams coach treated him like crap and he knows he will never get a shot at the 45 game day roster as long as DeCamillis is still around. So the Cowboys lost a very good pass rusher who could have been taught how to become a great pass rusher by DeMarcus Ware because he never played Special Teams in college. You would think DeCamillis wanted to teach him how to play those positions, but instead he just removed the kid from those units. And that’s how you coach Special Teams? Nonsense. Joe DeCamillis has too much power. Simple. And we we all know exactly why too.

We go live at 9pm eastern. Put the kids to sleep. F Bombs are on the way.

DCFanatic Radio – August 31, 2012

The Cowboys. They draft a guy in the 4th round three years ago and he does nothing in his three seasons to show you he will ever be a good NFL QB. Then you keep him on the team while cutting a guy like Danny Coale who you spent all kinds of resources on over the last 8 months which told you to draft him.

Stupid. There is no other word to describe this move.

Just don’t see how you can convince me that Stephen McGee helps the Cowboys more in 2012 as the third QB than an Adrian Hamilton would as a situational pass rusher, read here.

The Cowboys made their last two cuts when running backs and UNT products Jamize Olawale and Lance Dunbar were told of their release, according to a source.

It means the Cowboys will go with three quarterbacks for now: Tony Romo, Kyle Orton and Stephen McGee.

Doomed. Jerry Jones just has no clue. And neither does Jason Garrett because he allows this to go on and says nothing.

mcgeeaug31The Cowboys are in discussions right now about the final spot on the roster spot, read here.

The Cowboys will make their final cuts today to reach the 53-man limit, but they have already notified 21 players that they have not made the cut.

According to sources, the Cowboys have informed Shaun Chapas, Adrian Hamilton, Danny Coale, Eddie Whitley, Orie Lemon, Ronald Leary, Pat McQuistan, Jeff Adams, Teddy Williams, Harland Gunn, Daniel Loper, Clifton Geathers, Rudy Carpenter, Lionel Smith, Baraka Atkins, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Andrew Szczerba, Ben Bass, Saalim Hakim, Tim Benford and Robert Callaway of their release.

You don’t see the names of Stephen McGee, Olawale or Dunbar on that list. But there is only one spot left after the trade for Ryan Cook last night.

Still hoping guys like Adrian Hamilton, Orie Lemon, Danny Coale and Ronald Leary can make the practice squad.


Stretch Smith on with GAC today talking about the cuts.

There are a bunch of reports coming out on who is being told they are going to be cut tomorrow. Here are the guys who are on those reports…

WR – Danny Coale. Another wasted 5th round pick. Last season they let go of CB Josh Thomas. Why even draft in the 5th round next season.

OLB – Adrian Hamilton. He was the 3rd best pass rusher on the team since he showed up. Ware and Butler are only guys better. But Sepcial Teams coach Joe ‘I think Teddy Williams is a good kick returner’ DeCamillis didn’t like him so he’s gone.

OL – Ronald Leary. Paid him $214,000 signing bonus five months ago. He isn’t very good.

Others on the reports – DE Clifton Geathers, Safety Eddie Whitley, QB Rudy Carpenter, DE Ben Bass, OL Pat McQuistan, FB Shaun Chappas, LB Orie Lemon, WR Tim Benford, WR Salim Hakim and more when he know.

By the way. Cole Beasley and Andre Holmes have made the team. Try convincing me that Andre Holmes is better than Adrian hHamilton. lol.

And there is now word yet on Teddy Williams, AOA and Stephen McGee.