Dez Bryant owes Rosenhaus $100,000 per David Wells

DCFanatic —  August 20, 2012 —  Comments

There is a little more news on the Dez Bryant – Drew Rosnehaus connections, read here.

Additionally, Wells claims that Rosenhaus started advancing Bryant large sums of money shortly after signing Bryant as a client, a move Wells said Rosenhaus never called him to ask if that was advisable. Wells claims that Rosenhaus told him that Bryant owes more than $100,000 to Rosenhaus’ company.

Pretty sure we all knew Dez Bryant getting involved with the snake in the grass named Dez Bryant was a giant mistake.

Get rid of wells ASAP. He is bad news and why in the world is he talking about this news now? Makes no sense. None at all. Dez stay in the bad news section because of the people around him and it’s a shame.



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